ElleJayTea Identity

I want to create a logo and identity for myself. I am a graphic designer who, despite a full time job, likes to supplement her income and creative juices with freelance work. I hope to be able to create a brand for myself to use across a variety of media. I'm hoping this class will give me the discipline to see my onw personal project through to completion.

Since this is a personal branding identity project, my target demographic is rather broad, but would be aimed at potential clients and/or employers.

Age: any age really, but most likely 20-60

Gender: both

Income: mid- to upper-class (individuals); $1M+/yr (businesses)

Education: College and above

Locale: Urban/suburban

As I was collecting these swipes, I noticed some definite patterns emerging with regard to color and concept. I am drawn to black and white with an occasional dash of color. I would like to design something including my initials (LJT, or ElleJayTea) and name with perhaps a simple icon. I like using the negative space as well as positive space, and shapes performing double-duties. I found a blog that exemplifies the concept I am after: 36 Logos With Hidden Symbolism

Here is a link to the Pinterest board I have createded which includes all of my swipes (with exerpts shown below).


Logo and branding that can be translated to stationary and online presence.




Sophisticated, modern twist on classic fonts. Mix of serifs and sans serifs.





Black, white & ...

color pallets from colourlovers


This is where I really struggled. I'm not used to actually puting pen to paper (I usually just go straight to the computer). So below are the few sketches I was able to do this week. Unfortunately I didn't have as much time to dedicate to them as I had hoped.

Staring with my thoughts to use my initials as letters or spelled out (LJT/ellejaytea) I started trying to make some kind of stylistic image of a blue jay and incorporate that with a tea cup, but it was getting more complicated than I wanted. Then I tried a few ideas with my signature. I usually sign notes with just an "L" so I thought that would be a good place to start. I also created a srtlized teacup shape that I was trying to incorporate into my logo (I am an avid tea-drinker, so the image would fit, unlike the blue jay image). I would like to continue playing with shapes and icons, but my go back to my comfort zone and try a few on the compurer as well.


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