Elizabeth's avatar

Elizabeth's avatar - student project

Illustrating with a focus on bold lines was a fun challenge for me, and I didn't manage to make it work with lines quite as thick as the instructor's. For reference, I used a photo where I've styled my hair the way I normally do. I worked to emphasize my most noticeable features -- big eyes, high forehead, prominent chin. I'm tall and slender, so I tried to convey that aspect of my appearance by exaggerating the length and delicacy of the neck. 

I didn't save my iterations as diligently as I should have; I did a lot of experiments with different types of eyes before I settled on a style that work. As you can see from the images below, I spent a lot of time at the end playing with color schemes. I liked the effect of showing my hair in its true color, but I thought that design looked a little too fussy, especially at a small size. 

Elizabeth's avatar - image 1 - student project

I'm still not completely satisfied with my final design -- the rosy cheeks don't quite feel like me, but I do think the face looked a little unfinished without them. I do think the avatar resembles me, which I'm pleased about! This project was a good opportunity to think about what makes an illustration look like a certain person.


Elizabeth's avatar - image 2 - student project