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Elin Kling – Inspirational women

Thank you for a very inspiring class Erla María! I haven't finished a drawing in a long time so I took this as my chance to get back in to it. I tried to be more experimental and play around with ink and painting as opposed to get stuck in the details (something which usually stops me from finishing the illustration). 

I'm very inspired by strong smart women. I work in a very male-dominated business and feel that surrouding myself with strong women makes me believe more in myself and better at standing up for myself. For this illustration I decided to do a portrait of Elin Kling. She's a swedish designer/entrepreneur who started one of my favourite magazines and now lives in New York and has her own clothing brand. I'm hoping that I'll continue making these not too intricate portraits using other inspiring women as inspiration. 

I started out doing some rough sketches and then I drew the portrait in ink. I tried to play around with line weights and effects, adding some basic light shading and getting some rougher texture for her dress (I imagined this to be knitted). This is my drawing after I scanned it in and adjusted it to be black and white again in Photoshop. 


I also wrote her name in ink (any chance I get to practice some brush lettering).


This is my final illustration after I cleaned up some inky messiness, added the lettering and some textures I scanned in to the background. 




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