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Elfin Redhead

First attempt

So here is my first attempt at the portrait. I did it in A4. Took about two hours to get to this point. 


I need to go a little deeprr in the shading and get some more texture in the hair. But I think I might expand up a paper size and do a larger, more detailed version. 

I am quite pleased with this version so far. 


Just like eyes, the expression, the hair *lol* seriously I am that shallow. she's a cute redhead. 

Challenging lighting, might do a phot shop adjusted version to enhance the light and shadow. 

This is a serious nattempt for me to get better. Gabrielle is, in a word, awesome. I enjoy draowing faces, but I know I have to go a long way yet. I have made some progress sicne I joined deviant art some years ago. This is an image I did way back then. 


which was okay I guess, but you can see I need help. 

after working hard and drawing drawin drawing  I felt I got a bit better. Here is more recent one. 


But I still needed more practice. I started to do more digital work which makes getting tonaes and depth easier. But I still want to get better at traditional portraits. Here is one of my latest. 


Now I wnat to take things to the next level and get over the hump, so to speak. 

Lets go!


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