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Angela Sasser

Illustrator, Author, Mask-maker



Elf Assassin in a Desert Noble's Disguise

The sun sets on a crowded desert city, a glistening port and jewel of the empire.  A foreign Elvish noble has many messages to deliver tonight, but little do the recipients know that this message will be written in their blood!

CONCEPT: Viator, "The Traveler"
Assassin in a Desert Noble's Disguise

His wardrobe is a blend of cultures, starting with his native Elves, but acclimated to this new desert environment, where the Elves are known as traders (ie. head wrap for blocking the sun, other weather concerns).  He would not be seen as suspicious in the wealthier parts of town where traders have settled and conduct dealings.  His targets are all from the upper class and represent his employer's competition.  His main weapons are a hidden crossbow in his sleeve with poison tipped arrows and a decorative knife that's not so decorative.  Maybe a garrette hidden in some jewelry?  Still brainstorming on creative weapons! (Feel free to suggest)

Personality wise, I imagine him to be pretty arrogant with a quick, sarcastic wit.  Very cynical in nature and disgusted by humanity's mundaneness.

Phase 1: Loose thumbnails.  

Used the smeary square brush in Photoshop's default set to get some large loose shapes.  Not used to working this way as I have a habit of adding too many details!  I had a difficult time since this character is more of a subtle disguised assassin.  My favorite so far is the 3rd from the left in the 2nd row.  It seems to have the most attitude without being too stereotypically Assassin-looking.

Phase 1


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