"Eleventh" Main girl Character: Andie

Name: Andreanne Vasquez

  • "Andie" to everyone. 


  • Brown (deep eyes, very attractive, playful at times), eyes are a little pointy on the side
  • 5'3, slim but fit and curvy figure, has slender legs 
  • Natural brown shiny hair (Straight with some baby bangs, she only has 2 hairstyles either laid down or in a ponytail)
  • Has a little nose, eyebrows are natural and has nice shape, lips are not full but not thin and has a nice v on top.
  • has high cheek bones


  • introvert, she knows how to blend in but most of the time likes to be alone
  • intelligent and smart at the same time
  • hates attention
  • caters to many people as acquaintances but only has a number of true friends
  • loves music
  • she takes calculated risks


  • Looks out at windows when she feels alone
  • plays with her nails when nervous or anxious
  • always carries her walkman, headphones, journal and pen


  • Has always lived in an exclusive village
  • part of a family of 5, has 2 younger sisters
  • Has always been in the top of the class
  • Very talented in the arts
  • Grew up in a controlled household, not with money but with the things she does


  • She thinks that she is always alone
  • Has a hard time trusting people
  • Can be hard headed
  • Quite an impulsive buyer
  • She harbours negative feelings

Internal Conflict:

  • has always been afraid of her mother
  • had a lot of thoughts of killing herself, battling depression
  • wants to be an artist but her mom wants her to be a lawyer

External Conflict:

  • has a hard time maintaining relationships
  • will also experience trouble balancing school/work vs her personal time

Isn't this project awesome? Yeah it is. =)


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