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Elevant Apparel

What does Elevant mean?

As a word, Elevant means, “to rise” in Latin. As a brand, we don’t just want to make clothes; we want to be a brand with a purpose that inspires people to "rise and go". The original idea was to make t-shirts with awesome designs and sell them. After a lot of thinking, talking to people and watching their reactions, the idea changed. Our target market doesn’t wear tees just because of the look- it has so much to do with the purpose and meaning behind it. Granted, that is not an excuse, you still have to make a great product to get people's attention, but people essentially give you a glimpse into their personality with their style. That’s what drew me to fashion if I’m honest with myself. It’s a canvas you have to show the world on a daily basis. There is nothing else like that in the world. As brands, we are just here to help people paint their daily picture for the world. This brand, Elevant, is for the dreamers. There are many brands that focus on “when you get there” or the idea of living the dream. This brand is not like that, we are about the journey, the pursuit, chasing dreams.

Our motto is very simple, Rise and Go. The extended version is, “Rise and go, chase dreams, never stop” but we feel that Rise and Go gets our point very well. Rise and Go is broad enough where it is not directed in a single direction- everybody is chasing something unique to them. If you're not, what are you doing? You decide how the motto is interpreted for you and it is slightly different for each one of us. There is no way to get to where you want to go without rising and going. The funny part about the connection between the logo and the motto is that the logo came first but it’s a direct visual of the motto. The order of how the name, logo, and motto came about is very backwards with Elevant. The logo came first, then the name sounded unique, and lastly the motto came from a friend mentioning to me that the logo looks like it could mean “Rise and Go”.  There was no direct connection between the meaning of Elevant in Latin and the logo at the beginning, it just worked out perfectly to look like it was planned to go together so well.

Fall ‘14

I have always been a fan of companies that put a lot of thought and work into a line and make their theme very well incorporated and visible through the finished product. There are a lot of common themes that I thought about doing but without having a lot of resources to perfect them they would turn out to be white noise. I would not be able to do them to their fullest potential so I wanted to find something unique to center the theme around. I came up with the theme being based around building something and architecture. The one aspect I wanted to portray in this line was something that could connect with the “rising” part of Rise and Go. With architecture I wanted to be able to have one piece to represent the different stages on building. The Graph Paper tee represents ideation, the Blue Print tee is the planning, and the Skyline Hoodie Collection show the finished product in the form of silhouettes of famous skylines around the world.

Doing a look book in a place like Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright would be ideal for this line but since photography is prohibited there we would have to go to a less famous location but with the same idea of showing architectural feats throughout the book. 

We want a themed “EA” logo to go with every season we do so this season we decided to use the cursive E from our signature logo, inside a protractor styled “A” to go with this theme.

Advertising for Fall '14

Some pictures from our last collection.

About Me

I am Robbie Sulava, I'm 19 and from Pittsburgh, PA. I got into this business about a year ago without knowing anything about design or really anything about making clothes. Since then, I have been learning through every experience but I still have a lot of learning to do so I'd love to hear what you think of the brand and this line in the comments. Go ahead and be honest! 

Rise and Go

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