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Dana Zamir




Elephants love

i decided to take the project towards the animal direction.
i love elephants, they are my favorite animal. they are highly intelligent and sensitive (unfortunately we can't raise an elephant as a pet :)), and i honestly think they are super cute :)
i was searching for inspiration images, and through the search i understood, i want to create the elephant- human relationship.
it kind of throw me to Disney Jungle book when Mogli wants to be a part of the elephants.

those are my inspiration images:


i was searching my stand about the nature - human relationship through illustrating different scenes. i understood i want to reflect the negativity in humans interfere in nature and the wild.


this is the final sketch:


as for coloring, i searched color palette inspiration, while trying to maintain natural color, but not making it too dull.


this is the final pallete.


final image colored with textures:
i added light texture to the elephant  i used concrete texture), and to the man shirt and tie pattern.

i took Erla advice about the skies to add some volume (i tried birds og, but it didn't look so well).



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