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Elephants and Tigers

I love to use animals and/or celestial images in my art, so when the theme of "Nature" was announced for this pattern project, I was thrilled. I did'nt need to search very far for inspiration, I was able to collect photos and illustrations I already had on hand from previous projects. 

I combined my moodboard, inspirations and palette into a very condensed collection of several photos, one of my own celestial illustrations and 2 palettes, one warm and one made up of cooler colors:



next, I collected a few line drawings and a watercolor study that I recycled from previous projects:


From here I imported several of the animals/stars into Illustrator and began working them up into more developed motifs:


And from these motifs, I built my pattern! I usually start by adding all my motifs onto the drawing board, creating what is a very busy casserole in the beginning. The pattern then goes through a handful of versions, with each version I take 1 or 2 elements out of the mix, tweek the colors somewhat until I wind up with a cohesive, appealing pattern. I have not included early versions, just my final pattern, "Elephants and Tigers".




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