Elephant and Froggy Cuties

Elephant and Froggy Cuties - student project

I had a lot of fun making these cuties! I had been struggling in how to make these, so it was really awesome to get these guidelines. Overall, I learned SO much from this class and am really glad I found it. I decided to draw an elephant (my first two attempts were terrible), so I'm really happy with how this elephant turned out. I always thought frogs were ugly, so I chose that as my uncutie, and added a little bow. I definitely think they turned out super cute!

Unfortunately, I had inked them with a non-waterproof brush pen, and so I didn't want to wreck the lines with watercolors. Instead, I chose to scan them into illustrator (as you can see some of my jagged lines from the image trace because I was too lazy to smooth them out).

Anyway, hope you like how these little cuties turned out!