Suzanna Knight

illustrator & maker of things



Elephant Tears (working title)

When I was listing my obsessions I realised most of them have to do with feelings & stories. Emotions fascinate me, especially the darker ones.

A few months ago I realised I always produce the best work when I'm feeling rather melancholy or sad; not the most fun things to realise. Does that mean I always have to feel sad if I wanted to keep illustrating and making art ? It made me feel weird & conflicted.

Then my boyfriend told me this story about moths who feed on elephant's tears (you can read about it here ) , which I was thought was so strange and fascinating. These are animals that actually need tears to stay alive, just as I felt I needed melancholy. I think the combination of these weird feelings I had & the odd habit of these animals could make an interesting story for an animation. 

I kind of want to focus on the lives of the moths, but also situations in which people felt ok with being sad. 

Anyway, hope that made sense !


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