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Eleni's art

Hi everyone, 

I am Eleni and I live in Athens, Greece with my husband and our two kids (3 and 6). I work full time in marine insurance but my true passion is painting. For the last couple of years I have been regularly making art and have recently decided to open a small etsy shop to earn an extra income. The truth is I am completely overwhelmed by the 'business' part of it. The business plan, marketing, pricing, packaging... I just don't know where to start! And having a full time job and two kids at home is really not leaving me plenty of free time to organize my shop. So, when I saw this course, I thought it was just what I needed. A guide to help me get started and see where it takes me.

I mostly make children's art, however, I believe some of my pieces would look great in any room in a young person's apartment. I guess my target group would be young couples with children who are looking for happy, colorful art at afordable prices. I'm planning on selling both original paintings (which are quite large, mostly about 30x40 cm or 50x70 cm), and art prints. I'll start with these and I'm thinking maybe I'll add some hand painted notebooks.

You can see some of my paintings on my blog craftstories.



My etsy shop planning is at a VERY early stage (haven't even decided on a name yet!), however I hope that this course will give me the boost I need to get started!

Thank you,




I've done some very basic branding and market research and here are my finds based on the questions of the worksheet:

In my shop I will sell original paintings and art prints made by me. I create whimsical, happy, colorful paintings, mostly of animals dressed up as humans, quirky animal portraits and fantasy worlds inspired by my kids' unlimited imagination. My artworks are fun and will surely brighten their owners' space- and bring a smile to their face.

For the time being I'm not planning on quitting my day job but I'd love to eventually be able to make a living from selling my art. For now though, the plan is just to earn some extra income. 

My own artistic journey begun after the birth of my children, when I started looking for paintings to decorate their bedroom. And I realised that especially in Greece, my options were limited to cartoon and tv characters. So I decided to make art of my own and I loved it! My paintings are what I think was missing especially from the Greek market. Happy sophisticated paintings that would make a difference in a kid's bedroom, but at the same time can easily be hanged in a grown up's living room.

The price of my competion for the prints range from $15 to $80 depending on the size and type of paper. Without having given much thought on the pricing yet, I would say that a reasonable price for the prints would be around $15-20 for the A4 prints and $30-35 for the A3 prints. The original paintings are much harder to price but I'm thinking I'll charge something in the region of $160-$180 for the big ones (like the giraffe which is 70x50 cm) and around $80 to $100 for the smaller ones.

I plan on sending all original paintings by First priority registered mail. The cost for this would be around $14 for European countries and $20 for other countries including the US. The prints can either be send by standard mail, the cost of which would be $4 for EU and   $4.5 for other/US, or registered mail with costs being $7.5 and $8 respectively. I think I will charge lower shipping costs though so that it won't be a negative factor for the client.

Some of the keywords I thought of are: acrylic paintings, original art, mixed media, kids' art, animal, whimsical, colorful, fresh, modern, happy, cute, bold

I've also done some first attempts on photographing the products. I will have 3-4 pictures for each artwork, one of the actual painting, a close up  and two within a room, to show how it would appear on a wall or next to other objects, so that the customer can have a better understanding of the size. 

The actual painting photo will look like the ones I have posted on my previous post. Here are some samples of photos of the prints in a room. They are not edited yet but you get the idea.


Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated. And of course I'm always open to constructive criticism :)

Thank you,



Hi everyone! I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I know it's been a while since my last update but I haven't given up on my project. On the contrary, I have been struggling with my shop banner (I've been working on it in photoshop which is not exactly my area of expertise) and my shop name. OMG I never thought that finding a name for the shop would be so difficult!!!! I don't want something too obvious - like Eleni's art :), but I would prefer something that has to do with animals or colors which are the two main characteristics of my works, and something playful too. Some of the names the I came up with are:

'The flying donkey'

'Coral and Mint'

'The owl muse'

'Kleo the owl' (Kleo is the name of my daughter and is one of the nine muses who in Greek Mythology were the godesses of the arts)


I have thought of a lot more but these are the ones I like best. Please feel free to comment on the name or give any suggestions.

And this is the banner I have made. 

I'd love to hear what you think.

Thank you!



Hi everyone!

If you happened to read the comments below, you will know that I have decided to name my shop Coocoovaya, which is Greek for 'owl'. I wanted a Greek element for my shop so I thought this would fit the shop's style as it's playful and fun and it's also an animal which I mostly paint.

This is the new banner, I hope you like it!

I have also made business cards, which are hand stamped. I drew the logo and had the stamp made by Sarah of 'ahueofduckeggblue' on Etsy. These are the cards

The shop is almost ready. I am currently trying to figure out the shipping costs - what a nightmare!! I hope I will be able to open it next week!

As always, your comments/thoughts will be much appreciated.

Thank you



Dear All,

I am very pleased to announce the openning of my Etsy shop 'Coocoovaya'. 

After a lot of months of thinking about it and working on it, I have finally taken the big step and openned it and I'm extremely excited about it.  In my shop you will find both my original paintings and art prints.

Please take a look and tell me what you think. Hope you'll like what you see.

Thank you,



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