Elementary Classroom Signs

Elementary Classroom Signs - student project

I am an elementary school teacher, and if you have ever spent time in an elementary classroom as an adult, you quickly realize how much time is wasted during transitions.  I'm always looking for ways to make this better.  While I've gotten it fairly streamlined with practice (I try to be consistent and always have visual/written directions), when I think back to classrooms I have seen that move efficiently they always have a couple of things in common.  Their room is so much less chaotic during transitions, and they have some sort of signal (one teacher just had to tap a bell and the kids started doing what they needed to do).   I also work with students who read at a variety of different levels, so having them read instructions isn't always the most efficient.  So this seems like the perfect time to use signs.  Especially since we do some of the same routines over and over every day, why not have one picture to communicate this.

Here's what I want to communicate/simplify:

"Please put all of your materials away."

"Sit 'picture perfect' at your desk"

"Sit at the rug"

"Line up for recess/PE/etc"

"Listen for what you need to do next"

"Pack up your things, and get ready to go home"

(It's understandable why students might tune out when they have to listen to me drone on those things all day XD)



**the queue and listen up sign are not my idea, basically the same ideas have been done in the noun project but I wanted to update them for my series.

Elementary Classroom Signs - image 1 - student project


Refined sketches:

Elementary Classroom Signs - image 2 - student project

Vector images:


Elementary Classroom Signs - image 3 - student project

Elementary Classroom Signs - image 4 - student project

Elementary Classroom Signs - image 5 - student project

Elementary Classroom Signs - image 6 - student project

Elementary Classroom Signs - image 7 - student project

Elementary Classroom Signs - image 8 - student project