Elemental Guardian

Elemental Guardian - student project


As Inspiration I choose this woodblock print of parrots by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel. I like this three color combination and the different forms of the feathers and hints of leaves on the border - great for patterns and textures. 

Elemental Guardian - image 1 - student project


Elemental Guardian - image 2 - student project

On my first sketches I knew that want to show the guardian with a winglike cape and a dynamic pose - something like landing on the ground. 

Elemental Guardian - image 3 - student project

Starting the second sketching phase I decided my guardian would be feminine. Drawing clearer shapes I started adding more details and ideas for patterns. In the final sketch I changed some things and left some details away.

Elemental Guardian - image 4 - student project

Fo the inking I kept it more simple, added color blocks. and added further details on a pattern layer. 

Elemental Guardian - image 5 - student project

Friedrich Mayer
Illustrator & Communication Designer