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Coreen Walters is a Kansas City based artist who specializes in Graphic Design and 3D Art. She attends Academy of Art University, majoring in Animation and Visual Effects with an emphasis on Visual Effects, and is anticipated to graduate in Spring 2017. She started out designing logos for companies just starting out as well as mascot designs for childrens’ sports teams. Through her 3D art, she focuses on modeling, texturing, and visual effects. She values teamwork in a creative setting as well as the one on one personal touch of freelance design. Coreen grew up in awe of cartoons and movies, not only for their entertainment value but also as timeless works of art. She is also an animal lover and enjoys speaking fondly of pachyderms and felines. She has worked on several projects that were sold to raise money in animal shelters as well as assisted in designing logos for start up companies who sell dog treats and toys.
Objective: To show the combination of both 2D and 3D skills while reflecting her own personality and voice.

Target audience:

Educated professional men and women ages 25-55 who have a creative eye for motivational designs and/or for a three dimensional art experience for their own personal use or as part of a team oriented project.


Coreen can help you set up your business or redesign your career direction as well as help develop your own brand identity


big/small gaming/animation companies. Graphic design companies like Hallmark

Distinguishing characteristics:

Colorful personality as well as in artwork
Creative considerations:try to stick to cool colors with a hint of warmth get away from traditional gray shaders on objects and move towards color without losing 3D feel

Tone or keywords:


anthropomorphized animals







textured r

ough skin




simple yet detailed



Mood Board:


I knew I wanted to start out with an elephant. I looked at a few pictures of real elephants on Google and used those to come up with a cartoon version. Elephants are graceful, intelligent, beautiful, whimsical, and fun, which are some of the words I had used to describe my brand identity in the mood board phase. I started out thinking of an elephant in the shape of an "e" and then felt like I needed to add some rain or something magical coming out of his trunk. 



This seemed a little too distracting and complicated so I evolved into a more simplified sketch. I like the letter "S" but I didn't know if I could use that in his trunk or not. I also decided that my favorite color of purple needed to be in this to show the passion that I have my artwork.


I wanted to simplify the elephant even further and make his trunk a little less overwhelming so I came up with this sketch in Illustrator.


So, on the typography side, I wanted something modern without serifs. I finally came upon a great font that looked perfect to go along with my elephant. Malayalam MN is the font I'm using for "Elemagination."


I also wanted "ELE" to stand out a little more to enhance the elephant himself, so I made that part bold and made the whole thing the same cool purple as the elephant. To make it stand out even more, I made the font of "magination" just a teensy bit smaller than "ele."



This is the rough of the whole logo so far. I asked some advice from some of my fellow students at Academy of Art University. They suggested that I try to incorporate the elephant's trunk into one of the letters. Hmmm....I think I'll try that!

I also contemplated whether "studios" reflected my wide range of artwork that I do. I'm a visual effects artist and graphic designer. I threw around titles like, "Visual Artist," "Design Studio," "Media Artist," and none of them seemed to encompass all I do. I settled on "Studios" for now because it left the door open for the type of art that I do through various mediums.


His mouth looked a little too much like a tusk and it seemed a bit confusing. So I broke up part of that curved line so it could either be a mouth or a trunk, and one or the other would actually fit perfectly. I liked the idea of him smiling because it's super happy and fun and that's the attitude I want the world to know I have.The nostril detail on the tip of his trunk seemed unnecessary as well so I removed that.

Here is the final elephant! *trumpeting noises*


Now, I plan to get my website up and running this summer and start working on my vlog. I'm a huge fan of saving money by reusing and recycling and also leaving a lighter footprint on the planet. Green seemed like a perfect color to add to this somewhere. I'm a hippie at heart and want to share my ways of helping animals, people, and the environment and I wanted my company to also reflect that. I took my classmate's advice and turned the trunk into the "L" in Elemagiation. It's perfect! I also felt that no other shade or color could do "Studio" justice, other than black. Took some time measuring and aligning everything to fit perfectly and adjusting the font sizes. So, here it is!


Now, I'm working on my business card and letterhead. This is more difficult than I thought! 


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