Elektrify.fm: Home of Online Social Music Genres

Elektrify.fm: Home of Online Social Music Genres - student project


My name is Kevin and I just recently launched a music website called www.elektrify.fm. We have two seperate genre platforms, beatz is for electronic dance music, and bootz is for country music.

Each platform offers an extemely easy way to find popular songs and make Pandora-like playlists, but now you can see the future of what plays with inifinite skips and no advertisements. We offer 2 searches, Broad and Narrow, to give users variety in how often songs feature the artist they searched for.

Users can enjoy the functionality on the landing page, but if they want the added perks of the site, they need to register. Once you become a member, you can now add any song you like to your profile. We provide a reccomended page, that has other users who have the most similar profile as you. This is why the sites are genre specific, so that you know what you are getting, unlike some social media music sites that are mix of everything.

We also have a pictures game, where you see 4 random member pics but can only like 1. All of this while the music never stops playing.

The site is a little over a month old. I'm looking to acquire new users and really just spread the word. I hope that once users try the site, it will be their new source of EDM and country music. Feel free to check them out and I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I will always return the favor and give you as much detailed and honest feedback as possible.