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Elegant Watercolor Florals for Family and Friends


Here's the published class. Enjoy!


Hi Everyone, 

I'm really excited to share my first Skillshare class 'Watercolor Florals for Family and Friends', a perfect gift for the holiday season. I'm still uploading the last video to publish but you can see the intro video and description here. Happy Teaching!

  1. Here is the Project Outline
  2. Introduction Video
  3. Instructions and Materials List

Project Description

Create your own unique watercolor floral gift! Post your floral painting and let us know your story and for what occasion (birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc). Share your story with us :).


  1. Choose an upcoming special occasion to paint your gift.  This could be for the holidays, your friend's upcoming birthday,mother's birthday, your friend's baby shower or wedding gift. 
  2. Think about how to write their name as the focal point of your gift.  This could be in cursive, calligraphy or print.  The style is endless, go with the style you are most comfortable with.
  3. Choose materials for inspiration - flowers from your garden, supermarket, catalogs, magazines.
  4. Gather materials and sketch the name and floral arrangement. Includes Paper, pencil, paper, watercolors and paper towel.
  5. Paint! Choose 3-5 different watercolor colors and add detail. Experiment with light and heave strokes
  6. Package and get your painting ready for gift giving. Includes clear, glassine envelope, and ribbon.

For a full list of materials and instructions, visit the class notes and download the PDF






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