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Saturday 2/15/2014:

Hello Skill Sharers!

My name is Radha...and I'm relatively new to portrait sketching and sketching in general! I've always had a love for art, design, travel and adventure and it's a dream of mine to get into the graphic design industry and ultimately work with branding and exploration combined! BUT, I graduated with a B.Sc. in Microbiology originally planning to attend medical school...it's quite a story (you can read it if you'd like here...) - but I won't delve into it at this moment.

All that aside, I'm here to hopefully build up my sketching skills. I started sketching about two weeks ago and haven't really been going from anything but eyeing proportions and regular #2 pencils/mixed media sketchbook. I thought learning more of the skill behind it all would be beneficial to me for creating more realistic and proportioned compositions. (: 

Here are some of the sketches I've done in the last 2 weeks...I'm pretty happy with my progress thus far but so excited to get even better! 

Going into the project, here are a couple reference photos (my pinterest!) that I've been looking to sketch. I'm really into beauty black and white photography, intense angles, and dramatic features. I love the flowing hair...and would love to learn how to sketch that as well.

Stay tuned for the sketching...I have to get proper materials first!



P.S. I love feedback & will always reply to serious critique & comments! 

Monday 2/17/2014:

Hey guys! 

So last night I did some sketching...here is the photo I decided to try and draw:

Love the dramatic eyes. I found on Pinterest

Since I don't have a printer...I didn't get to print out a reference photo. So everything I'm drawing is straight from observation on my screen. I also haven't gotten a chance to get vellium paper so I'm still working on mixed media paper (it's a bit rougher so my strokes don't come out as smooth as I would like. But here is my progress thus far:

1 - I started out with a rough outline of the face. 

2 - Adding in some of the more noticable values

3/4- Details to the eyes/hair & more shading

5 - More values, details to nose/mouth

6 - Blended a bit, details to overall

Here is where I'm at right now(#6 enlarged)

Unfortunately I don't think I got the face shape & eyes quite right...so I don't think it looks enough like the model. I'm going to finsh with this piece and maybe try and print out this photo so I can have a concrete reference next time. 

But regardless...I would love some critique and feedback on this piece in the works! (: 


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