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Electropus Devil Eggman

Ready to share some preliminary sketches of my initial concepts. Currently thinking of developing one version of each of these concepts. 

Concept 1: Devil Eggman - Combined elements of egg, bull horns and added mallet. Played with angry eyes, no eyes, cracked shell for mouth feature and eggman spewing out his yolk. 

Concept 2: Electropus - Started with more detailed tentacles and then simpler tentacle forms. Then had an idea for an electropus that had 'inked itself' from electric charge. 

Concept 3: Crabcakes - Thought I should explore the additional crab/cupcake combo. Only two sketches but looked at an upright crabcake vs. hermit crabcake. 

Phase: Mood Board Exploration

I'm currently in the sketch phase and will be posting some sketches in the next couple of days. Starting to get excited about the 2 directions I have going at this point, but any suggestions and comments are welcomed! 

I began by choosing images and items that interest me and items that I could use for juxtaposition. I made numerous pairings, reusing some of the images here and there, for my mood boards, then dropped a few and created mashups of my most promising 2 directions. 


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