Electric Lady

"She gives the boys all of her kisses and electricity"

This line is from one of my favorite Janelle Monae songs "Mushrooms & Roses".  Knowing that Janelle Monae was inspired by the film Metropolis, a 1927 science fiction film, I decided that my project would have an Art Deco feel. My goal is to create something that is both feminine and bold.


Initially, my first thoughts included a lot of science fiction references...

Metropolis, Cyborg, Art Deco, Bolts, Lightning, Green, Science, Wires, Gold, robots, electricity, sockets, plugs, roses, droids, machine...

Art Deco seemed to capture a couple of the words on my list and the look I'm going for.

Geometric: I really like the combination of hard and soft through shapes and color.

Typography I: I like how the type creates some really cool shapes

Typography II: More inspiration


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