Electric Bicycles in Argentina

Electric Bicycles in Argentina - student project

     Trees line the streets, waving at the bicyclists and electric bicycles that motor past with riders who cling their bells and thump along the cobbled street.

     On one side, the plaza stretches green and mowed. Birds twitter at the empty spaces and the warm weather trees stand with palms scattered between them.

     A minivan looms next to a tiny gas-saving red car, both the same color red and flanked by undersized sedans of silver and gold. Graffiti sprawls across the plaza buildings with large looping letters in spray paints of black and red.

     On the opposite side of the street, a church rises, the crucifix plastered above its entrance. The round concrete roof promises cool air inside along with incense and prayers.

     Meanwhile, wide white stairs dare anyone to enter by forcing a walk in the sun beating down from a cloudless sky.

     Two people sit together on an electric bicycle zipping past those stairs. The woman drives with the man behind her where he holds on for necessity and because he craves closeness. Her hair flies back and he carefully spits it out each time, tasting her shampoo and a bit of the blazing sun.


Final draft notes: I am an underwriter and did not make the 500 word count on the first draft. To revise, i added bits I missed and crafted the sentences more carefully. Still, I am under the 250 word count you set. And I absolutely loved the idea of doing this like the scales I play on my clarinet. The practice of using the Geo Guessr and finding this spot thrilled me even if my words didn't flow up to 500.