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Eleanor & Park

I chose to do a drop cap based on Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Go read it now if you've never picked it up! It's a very sweet but sad love story about an unlikely couple. It's full of every emotion the human body could possibly handle. :D

Here are all my ideas put down on paper along with a few sketches that I really liked.

The first one is of a cassette tape. Music is one of the main things they share: exchanging and making mixed tapes, listening to music on the way to school and so on. The ribbon of the tape is unravelled into an 'R.' The unravelling represents the two odd balls slowly opening up to each other and also the unravelling of some serious conflict that has to do with Eleanor (hence the red cassette tape since she's known as "BIG RED" in the book by mean characters in the book).

The second is of one of Eleanor's major features which is her bright red curly hair and since Park lets her borrow his walkman, I put headphones on the 'R' to commemorate that moment.

The last one is the two of them sitting in the negative space of the 'R' keeping each other warm when they snuck out to see each other at school in the middle of Winter.

I decided to try out the first drop cap and this is how it looks so far. I'd really like to come back to this and fix a couple things. I'd also like to do the other drop cap ideas just for fun.


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