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Janet Hesselberth

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Elderberry Syrup Party at Kimberton Waldorf School

I know the lady who runs the cafeteria at Kimberton Waldorf school, about an hour from my home. They have a large elderberry thicket, and decided that they would like to make and sell elderberry syrup as a fundraiser for the cafeteria. Here are just a few shots of us having fun making syrup. I've never worked in a commercial kitchen before, but I loved the 6-burner stove and sanitizer. I brought my Squeezo food mill....we'll be doing this again this coming Fall. They sold out of syrup rapidly, and we raised about $1000 for the kitchen.

One of the students running berries through the mill. See our purple hands?


Picking stems from berries on the left. Don't I look lovely in my purple bandana? Covering hair is mandatory in a commercial kitchen.



Sorry we didn't get pics of our finished syrup. Maybe next year.


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