Elaine Williams | Art Director

Elaine Williams | Art Director - student project

Elaine Marie Williams | Art Director | E Street Creative

Greetings fellow freelancers and friends! My human name is Elaine Marie, and my creative name is E Street. Thank you for visiting my project page!

My passion is creativity and I am have been lucky enough to be a freelance creative for 3+ years now. I am an Art Director with a background in creative advertising. I left the agency life behind and took the plunge into the adventure of freelancing and been loving every minute of it. My niche for the majority of my freelance career has been the cannabis industry which I have learned is an industry I love to work with.

The last 3 years I have worked with multiple clients but had one client providing me with the majority of my work and most of my income. It has come time for that particular client to move on to an agency and I have found myself at a crossroads. My portfolio has been rather untouched while I comfortably and securely worked with clients on retainer. Now it is time to move forward and take on new clients, new challenges, and new creative experiences. However, my portfolio and myself as a brand is completely outdated.

I will be using this workshop as one of the stepping stones to my brand revamp and with hopes of finding new and exciting clients. I look forward to using the guidance of this workshop, taking everything they provide us and implementing it all into a successful freelance career.

My goal is to continue to work the in the cannabis industry helping company’s creatively build the brand of their dreams. I enjoy working with startups and guiding them towards a brand they feel proud to show off to the world. My other goal is to take my career to the next level. To work with bigger clients, create amazing designs, and become a name people recognize and strive to work with.


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