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Elaine Marie Illustration: LogoFinal


Hello! I feel like I took it a bit further putting the hand-letters and the .ai birdcage and birdie into Illustrator, Illustrator not my too, as you can tell, but I am practising and I want to get better. 

Would love some feedback on the font -- Is it too artsy-craftsy? I want to convey hand-done but not sloppy... Are the pink hearts too much ( I want to convey feminine and cute, etc. but not too immature). I do love the bird outside of the cage, and I am liking the palette so far. Any comments appreciated & welcome. Thank you!


Hello! Thanks for a wonderful Skillshare class. I have an illustration and design business that I want to brand; I am in the process of executing greeting cards, illustrations, package design and surface pattern design, and I would like to have the Etsy shop and the website and my tags and business cards all look uniform... 

After completing the first lesson I felt that it was important to design the logo with the principles in mind that we drafted.... the 3 words exercise was very meaningful for me.

3 words that describe me: Creative, Traditional, Off-Beat

3 words that describe my business idea: Inventive, Nostalgic, Beautiful, Naturalist

3 words that describe my style: Victorian, Humorous, Botanical, Feminine, Mid-Century Modern

From this exercise, I proceeded to the Mood Board, and I was able to come up with some imagery that made sense for me. I really like the idea of using birds and birdcages, but not in the birdcage...


The doodling was frustrating and fun and I kept reaching for the a-ha moment... not quite there



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