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Elaine B Jewelry: Triple Cube Necklace

I am a jewelry designer and maker of handmade geometric inspired designs.  I have never been much of a photographer, but I recently got a Canon T3i with a macro lens to do simple web photos.  I sell through stores, my own website and etsy. 

Ideally I would like to have very sharp consistant photos.  I would love for them to be completely white, no change in tone from the background of a computer, like they are floating (maybe a little shadow).  But I havent figured out how to do that, and they all kept coming out gray and off white.  So I started using handmade paper instead.  I feel okay about it, but not first choice.

In the product shots I have been adjusting the contrast and brightness.  Is there a way to just white out the background on a shot like this?


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