Elaborate Lives

Elaborate Lives - student project

I started out the project by just messing with composition.  I knew from the start, I wanted to have three characters, one watching the other two's conversation/union.  I tried to start working with round and square shapes for the main two characters.  But for the third, who isn't fully a villian, just unlucky in love, I wanted to combine curves and angles to offset her from the other two. 

Elaborate Lives - image 1 - student project

I ended up combining aspects of different thumbs and started to rough in the scene.  I knew that this was mainly to start fleshing out the character designs and poses.  I still want to push these poses even more and push the shapes some more.  I wanted to have more in the set, but also didn't want to distract, so tried to keep it simple for now.

Elaborate Lives - image 2 - student project

And then I started on the value study to try and use contrast and value to help tell the story.  Trying to make the viewer unsure if the women in the shadows is a danger to the couple's happyness or just watching. 

Elaborate Lives - image 3 - student project

So I'm hoping to keep pushing this both in composition, character and communication of the emotions and story.  I know it's still really rough, and am inspired by many of the other projects that are more fleshed out and polished.  I'm continued to be reminded how much more I have to learn in digital painting.  Thanks for everyone else's projects that help push me to become stronger in my skills!