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 I chose to do Pastures of Heaven (chapter 3) because i felt relateable to the stories of these people. I tried to adapt my story in a way that makes sense with the orginal plot. I hope you guys enjoy it :) 

STEP 2. 



Hey guys did some revisions, Tell me what you think! :) (It is still a work in progress) Thanks!






What if a man's life becomes meaningless when he loses his bussiness and goes into something more darker and dangerous. Will he maintain his family's happiness?


Edward Wilks struggles with his family business of farming different vegetables and fruits so he has another side job that truly brings the bread on the table. He is deals drugs, mainly marijuana with another identity "El Tiburon"with his partner Tito, who is a owner of a mexican corner store.  Edward begins to second guess his side job, because of Alice's safety. Edward is informed by Tito, that they may have competition that just moved in his neighborhood. It is a family business and right away Edward knows it is the Munrow family who has a son named Jimmie around Edward's daughter Alice's age. Tito's cousins love the product and want to buy a lot more. Tito is unable to go so Edward has to leave his family for the first time.

Edward's daughter Alice is beautiful, charming, and a complete adolescent. Edward is very protective of her because he is afraid of what might happen. Katherine has jealousy issues and craves power and beauty. She is easily the one who is left out all the time.

Edward makes the trip to Mexico to drop the drugs. So he lies to his family that he goes to a funeral.  Before Edward leaves Alice makes a promise to her father that she will not converse with Jimmie the new boy.

Now that Alice is free from her father she asks her mother if she can go to a school dance. Katherine decides to take her daughter for a fun night out. Alice fantasies of Jimmie and wonders who he could be.

While Edward is in mexico he makes the deal and waits in the border and then realizes that he can't cross the Tijuana border because he has too much cash on him so he goes through a tunnel. Meanwhile Alice's fantasy comes true as Jimmie kisses her at the dance.

As Edward stops for a break to call Alice, his phone died and he hears stomping. A mexican cartel member spots him. Edward runs for safety and loads his gun and shots. He kills a member and throws a smoke bomb. Once Edward escapes, he comes back to Titos shop and finds out about Alice and goes and tries to find her. 

Nonetheless, Alice is with Jimmie and Edward is on a rampage to go kill Jimmie. A local Policeman stops the commotion before its too late for Jimmie.

Edward is upset as he lays on his bed. Katherine bickers at him as she gains some kind of power. Edward feels guilty of his job that he maintains, so he makes a decision that he has dreaded to make.  


Hello! My name is Vanessa, my dream is to become Screenwriter and I live in Tucson, AZ. I am a new writer and only took a introductory at my local community college on screenwriting.

Favorite Qutations:

"You just can't tell what might happen..."- Edward AKA EL Tiburon 

"I'll sell the ranch, then I'll show the people what I really am."- Edward 7-17-14


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