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El Pescador de Sueños (The Dream Chaser)

This is a story about a Fisherman that instead of fishes he goes after dreams! 

His job is, just before sunset, he and his loyal friend star goes in their magic boat to dream land to collect all the dreams that kids are going to have that night, from flying, mounsters and fight with dragons.

The final muckup is uploaded at the second part of this class.

I hope you like it! and please feel free to write feedback and sugestions :) like, in spanish I love the tittle but I do not thing is going to work the same in english... 

- For some people, life starts at bedtime

- Like for the Dream Catcher!

-That goes with his friends to great adventures!

-Where dreams appear

- Some do the work

- While others play...

- But at the end everyone helps

-The magic moment is here!

- To start flying, with monsters dream or fighting with dragons

- Until is time to wake up.

- Sweet dreams!



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