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Hi, my name is Maia. I'm graphic designer from Dominican Republic currently working in advertising. I'm very happy to be part of this class and be able to learn about UI, something very new to me.
My first draft is for is for a project I've been trying to start, is called "El Librero" (The Bookcase). The idea behind this project is to create a community of avid readers or "Bookworms" that will use our website to interact, swipe books, create clubs and more importantly donate books for kids of low income families all over Dominican Republic, mainly  in public schools. The purpose is to promote literacy, education, culture, knowledge and the habit of reading.
The website is a work in progress but I'm trying to make a fun and happy place where people meet
to be bookish!
This is my very first website, so feedback is greatly appreciated. 
Gracias! ☺
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Hello guys!
Thank you for all your kind words and very helpful feedback! 
Thanks so much to Meg for being such a great teacher, really inspiring.
I'm a little late with the corrections to the site, sorry for that...
I've changed the main picture, added a line of copy under the {Swap, Donate and Meet} categories to explain those a little bit, changed the position of the secondary {Donate} button to the bottom of the book pile, also unified its shape with the "Join" button on the top of the page. 
That's all for now, but I'll keep tweaking the site until the end of the course.
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Here is the logo! a closer look:
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Hello guys!
So sad this awesome class is over.... time flies when you're having fun. Let's hope Meg start a new class soon, looking forward to it!
Well, here the last tweak to my site, I've re-design the "bookworms"rollover as Meg suggested. Instead this part now showcase the students benefiting from the books donated by the members of the site. With this tweak the real purpose of the site is portrayed beautifully.
Hope you guys like it, and this project becomes real in the near future.
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