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El Guapo Character Illustration

May 30, 2013

Been a fan of some artists like Matt, Dave Perillo, Tom Whalen, and several others for the last couple years. I've found myself buying several prints recently, including Matt's "Sloth Love Chunk". I only hope to get them all framed as permanent inspiration in my home office as I begin to grow my own illustration portfolio. I've been a designer for about 13 years and would like to seque into illustrating more.

I haven't decided exactly what character I want to illustrate yet, but I know I like a simpler and geometrical style. Here's some other peoples work that inspires me:


May 31, 2013

Decided to illustrate El Guapo from the movie Three Amigos. I've been wanting to do the Amigos for awhile, but thought I better stick with only one character for this project. This was one of my favorite movies growing up in the 80s, especially the "plethora" scene. My initial idea is to have the illustration be an advertisement for El Guapo's Piñatas. If you've seen the movie you'll get it.

If not check out this scene on YouTube.


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