El Burrito Loco

El Burrito Loco - student project

First of all I wanted to say what an excellent class this was. I learned so many things and used so many tools that I don't often use. I need to do a few more projects to get these things ingrained in my process! 

I have been taking photos of local food carts here in Madison, Wisconsin for the past year or so with a vague idea that I wanted to do a drawing series with them as the basis. When I stumbled across this course I knew that this would be the perfect process to bring some of them to life. I chose one of my favorites, a Mexican food cart called 'El Burrito Loco.'

Here is a photo of the cart:

El Burrito Loco - image 1 - student project


From here I started with basic lines to to start framing it out:

El Burrito Loco - image 2 - student project

Here is the final line drawing:

El Burrito Loco - image 3 - student project

and here are the colors blocked in with Live Paint:

El Burrito Loco - image 4 - student project

Then I added the rear wheel and shadow to give it a little depth.

El Burrito Loco - image 5 - student project

Then I started adding textures, lots and lots of textures!

El Burrito Loco - image 6 - student projectEl Burrito Loco - image 7 - student project

El Burrito Loco - image 8 - student projectEl Burrito Loco - image 9 - student projectEl Burrito Loco - image 10 - student projectEl Burrito Loco - image 11 - student project

And here is the Final Image (zoom in for full effects) :

El Burrito Loco - image 12 - student project


I hope you like it! Any comments, questions, or advice are appreciated. Thanks for looking. I spent way too much time on this project, but the class was so fun I couldn't help myself (I hope the next one will go much more quickly.) When I have time I will post my next cart to the bottom of this presentation or look for them on Instagram.