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Keely Van Haren

Print Designer, Women's fashion, Brooklyn NY



Either this wallpaper goes or I do

Just getting started. I've always thought this Oscar Wilde quote was funny. 

Phrase: "Either this wallpaper goes or I do" Oscar Wilde

Application: I imagining this as an illustration for a magazine article about couples moving in together and finding that they have very different design aesthetics. 

Words that relate: Wallpaper is a very visual word to begin with, and Oscar Wilde is from the Victorian era. Since the phrase implies an ugly or old-fashioned aesthetic I'm picturing a mix of overly decorative Victorian elements: type from old victorian ads/doilies/scrollwork/floral wallpaper etc. and then contrasting this pretty/feminine/busy look with a very stylish, spare vibe- to represent the quick wit and stylishness of Wilde. 

You can see some of my research so far, in the mood board above.

Lettering warm up:

Hardest for me was the curved and in a shape... Also having some difficulty with keeping my paper clean. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to erase and wipe off your eraser bits without smudging the pencil? 


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