Einstein's Notebook

One of the great things about Albert Einstein was his curiosity. He is said to have been curious about what it would be like to literally "ride on a rainbow." His curiosity is what guided his discoveries. 

Curiosity begins with questions and a willingness to play. Kids are naturally curious and already know how to play. But school can educate the curiousity right out of even the most curious kids and very few kids think of school as a time to play. By the time many kids get to high school they will skip the physics lab to do something more "fun."

But physics is fun, if you can play like Einstein. 

Einstein's Notebook is a way to help kids (of all ages) learn science and stay curious by "playing" with experiments. 

  • There will be a free downloadable App that can be used on an iPad or iPhone (or other notebook?).
  • Using features similar to Noteability, with the App kids can write, draw, or take photos of their "experiments." 
  • The App will have different template options that will help them format their "data" and take the pain out of preparing reports. 
  • They can print their report on their home computer or store in something like DropBox. 
  • They can also submit their report to a member site where they can share their "experiments" with  other individuals, public school classroom groups, homeschool groups, etc., get feedback, and explore new ways to play with science. 


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