Eighty Four

Eighty Four - student project

I think a few small details could make the design stand out more. I dont know if I want to put someone inside the van because it could end up being too small, yet again, maybe not. A change of color might help it to be more eye catching.Eighty Four - image 1 - student project

I am experimenting with the type in the smoke. Not quite there yet but I feel better about handmade lettering isntead of a typeface.

Eighty Four - image 2 - student project

Got the basic vectorizations finished. I would like to add a driver (a creepy guy with aviators should do it) in the van that can be seen through the windshield, but not sure if that will get too detailed. I plan on adding more smoke details so that the lettering weaves in and out of the exhaust fumes.

Eighty Four - image 3 - student projectEighty Four - image 4 - student project

A sketch idea. I want to use an old van my parents had when I was a kid to play off of the brand name and add a vintage quality. I've decided to start using childhood themes that other people can relate to in my quest towards cohesiveness. The smoke is meant to balance the typography but I need to add something else to the illustration-either someone in the van or something in the smoke.

Eighty Four - image 5 - student project

This is the logo I have been using from the beginning. I am open to evolve it or perhaps use type treatments on the brand name on a shirt-to-shirt basis.

Eighty Four - image 6 - student project

^This is a mother teresa/ET hybrid I thought was funny. One possible problem is that people won't get the reference. I really like simple colors. I like the idea of using people from real life that are recognizableand make people comfortable with my brand.

Eighty Four - image 7 - student project

Eighty Four - image 8 - student project

^My sketching style is usually b+w ink on paper and a little bit of the wall. 

Eighty Four - image 9 - student project

^This is a stencil I cut out and spray painted onto another piece of paper before photoshopping it onto the T. I am a fan of textures-including spray paint. I feel that incorporating textures and imperfections is an important part of my brand. 

Eighty Four - image 10 - student project

^A sharpie sketch turned T-shirt. The blotches on the top right side were unintentional (I had red ink on my hand and it smudged) but I left it because I thought it was kind of cool.

Eighty Four - image 11 - student project

^A shirt designed for a friend's motorcycle club that I designed and screen printed by hand. This gives you a little bit of a sense of my style. Yes, I have hairy arms.

Eighty Four - image 12 - student project

^Keeping it literally fresh.

Eighty Four - image 13 - student project

^Happy little trees! (Spray painted trees and a paper Bob Ross head)

Hi, I'm Kevin. I am a graphic designer by trade, with a BFA from BYU. have been interested in T-shirt art for quite a few years and my goal is to create a brand that has some humor and personality without venturing into the realm of "cutesy." I created my brand, Eighty Four, named after the year I was born and the fact that I tend to enjoy using vintage inspired themes in my designs. I have dabbled in screenprinting and would like to eventually sell my shirts online and to friends. I am using this class to get me inspired and motivated to create some designs that are both cool and consistent. I also would love some feedback on my designs, and I also look forward to learning some of the business/technical aspects of t-shirt production. I want my shirts to be a combo of badass/rebellion and humor. I love the way Johnny Cupcakes can create so many shirts incorporating the same "feel" and want to accomplish the same thing with my brand.