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Eight principles of styling

Hi everyone!!

This is the styled room I've chosen which I think illustrates the eight principles of styling.

1 - needs - this lady (Kim Stoegbauer - thetomkatstudio.com) needed a good looking place to work from home. Desk, chairs, computer and lots of light. 

2 - shape - there are mostly straight lines here courtesy of the furniture, but the desk lamps and ceiling lights bring rounder edges and softer lines.Though the rug is a regular rectangle, the geometric shapes add interest and a little something different.

3 - colour - not a bold or overly colourful palette, but this neutral scheme has been put together so beautifully with shots of darker colours in the rug, shutters and some accessories.

4 - pattern - that rug! Awesome pattern. The backs of the chairs, the box on top of the tall cupboard and the items on the table at the side of the room, all compliment each other comfortably.

5 - texture - the wood of the desk, two chairs, tall cupboard, and table. The shades of the desk lamps and cushion on the chair by the window. The leather chair at the desk. The floor tiles and the rug. All differing textures.

6 - placement - this isn't the most 'symmetrical' room I could have chosen, but there are quite a few 'couples' in the room that draw me in. The two chairs at the desk, the two blingin' chandeliers. They're seperated, but the two desk lamps with petal-like shades, and though you can only see one chair by the window (in this picture), there are actually two in the room, with matching cushions.

7 - bling - those two ceiling lights/chandeliers, need I say more?! Ok and the little glass droplets hanging from the desk lights.

8 - botanicals - the white roses(I think) on the desk are a lovely soft touch and totally fit in this room, but I would prefer a huge leafy plant/tree in an solid, earthy pot on the floor somewhere. 

That's it!

I haven't taken my 'before' photos yet as it's dark by the time I get home :(

but I'll sort something out....


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