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Eight arms to hold you

Hello there!

If you can, please answer these questions in the comments. You don't have to answer all of them! I'm just looking for other people's personal experiences with these kind of situations to deepen my project.
Any help is welcome!


  • Do you find it easy to make friends?
  • Have you ever wanted to say something to someone, but felt like you couldn't?
  • Have you made friends that you never saw again?
  • Have you found a long lost friend and found that you didn't have anything to say to each other?
  • Does talking to people make you anxious?
  • What is the happiest you've ever been being with friends or family?
  • Tell me something that a friend or a family member has done that made you feel the happiest
  • Tell me something you did for/with a friend that made you feel the happiest

//Phase 4// Treatment

Main theme:

Connectedness & Isolation

My main obsession for this project is the process of trying to communicate with somebody else. 

I feel that, when you don't see or don't talk to friends often, it can seem as if they're not the same person you knew or you are not the same person they talk about. 

To me, there has always been a certain alien-ness to other people and to myself. I often feel like I fall short when trying to understand somebody else, or be understood by them. When I was a kid it felt like they spoke another language or we were completely different species. And there was and is physical pain there, because it's like you are both links in a chain but when you rattle your end none of the other links move.

I've living on my own for four years now and I don't see my friends very often. During the past year I've been getting help for depression, but there was a time, when I was at my lowest, where I would hide under my bed and flatten myself against the ground and stay there all day.

However, the moment you do manage to open up to somebody else, when you are vibrating by the same wavelength, is the best feeling ever. There have been some few fleeting moments where, even if we were not saying anything, I felt perfectly in sync with other people. And THAT is what I would like most to capture in my film.

Secondary themes:

The weird

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a fascination with weird stuff. Aliens, bugs, mollusks, dinosaurs, monsters, robots, surreal art, states of mental otherness, you name it. And I've found that we often learn the most about ourselves and about others by looking at the really extreme examples of otherness around us. My fascination with spiders started with their amazing abilities and developed through my realization of how fragile and how misunderstood they often are.

In addition to this, I love the aesthetic of fluid surreal animation like that of the music video The Music Scene, by Blockhead.



One of my most treasured memories of childhood is lying with my head on my mom's belly and hearing her heartbeat resonate between us. And to this day I feel like sound and vibration have the deepest emotional baggage. My brother and I found mutual comfort in singing Lipan Conjuring to each other when anxieties got the better of us, and to this day the song, a soft wordless chant, remains a link between us.





I feel like my happiest memories are all tied to the night. Sitting on the grass with a group of friends after a party, walking behind my parents in New York and seeing them holding hands, chatting with my brother until two in the morning, working through the night with my friends at the workshop, etc.

There's a certain magic to things at night, a glow that surrounds everything.



I would like the film to start with a feeling of eeriness and anxiety, but to end on a much higher note. Something light, hopeful, and colorful, like the end of the movie Tommy.



Going with the idea of an eerie, unsettling beginning, I would like to include a high pitched sound, like the distortion caused by placing a guitar close to a speaker.

For the ending, I would something much more cheerful. Something like trumpets, horns, clarinets, idk. A clear sound like the bell in The Great Gate of Kiev by Emerson Lake and Palmer.



I would love for the film to be 2D full color animation. There's a plasticity to it that I love.


Finally here are some drawings I've made while brainstorming this whole thing. They're still very sketchy, but I hope to come up with something more concrete in the future.

Let me know what you think!

All help is welcome :)


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