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Alenonimo Alenonimo

If you can't laught at yourself, I probably will.



Eh. Might as well…

I kind of already knows how to make a webcomic or something. I'm just too lazy to actually do it. So I'm gonna doing the class project to review the basics and, maybe, who knows, kickstart something.

First image, a sketch of my own character. I already had it done several years before, although I don't use it much.


I'm a really lousy drawer, but I have a style considered "very cute". Maybe that's why I don't like drawing yours trully too much. My art style simply can't convey perfectly this sexy piece of hunk. I'll try anyways.


While my artstyle is not very consistent, I think I'm pretty good at making it very colorful while keeping it super simple. I pride myself into making big images with small filesizes with my technique of always making sure I'm never using antialias anywhere.


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