Eggshell Panel on Book Cover

Eggshell Panel on Book Cover - student project

I mounted an eggshell panel on a board that is supposed to end up as a book cover.

1) The Panel

It is made with hen's eggs on a white, Asian paper, using white gesso and green acrylic paint. I didn't sand it down to completely white, instead left a bit of green on the shells here and there.

2) The Cover

I simply glued the panel to a cut to size piece of leather. Since the panel has some thickness, it needs some kind of recess to sit in (so that the edges don't peel up over time). When working with regular shaped panels (for example a rectangle) this can easily be achieved by working a recess into the board. In this case I decided to pare the leather from the back.Eggshell Panel on Book Cover - image 1 - student project

3) Plans / Where to take it from here

The plan is to now Coptic bind this book. It has a mixture of eco-printed and blank pages. (It is possible to write and sketch on the eco-printed pages, too, and it's intended as a journal). I chose this panel and this form because it reminded me of leaves. I might add some more paint to indicate a stem for the eggshell-panel-leaf.

Hilke Kurzke
Book Artist, Printmaker, Writer, Bookbinder