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Eggs and Avocado

Most days, I eat breakfast at home. I like to read about health and try different diets. Although the advice and studies keep changing, I'm satisfied with my current breakfast of eggs and avocado. It's quick to prepare and gets me going.


The following photos had very minor touches in Snapseed before being cropped and edited in VSCO.

I tried a number of filters for all these photos. I did like how the F filters worked but I didn't like the way they changed the colors. In the end, I went with S2 as the starting preset for all these photos. The neutral colors allow the yolks and outlines to stand out while allowing me to control the fade via the adjustments.

I try not to use my computer while I'm eating but I don't always succeed. I thought the similar shapes of the plate and macbook were interesting. Again, this photo uses S2 with a minor fade adjustment.

I had my ukulele lying around, which I occasionally strum. I nudged the temperature down a tiny bit so the yellows from the soymilk and laptop are more neutral.

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