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Eggplant Mustard Salad

From reading the brief, words that caught my attention were:

  • fashion-forward
  • simple
  • artisanal
  • adventurous
  • fun
  • modern
  • stylish

So basically the target market is hipsters...



I really liked the way the turquoise color goes with the dark purple in this photo, plus purple/yellow has always been my favourite complementary scheme. After messing around on the Coolors website for a while it evolved into a sort of compound colour scheme {purple-yellow-green-blue}. The variety makes it "fun" and the chosen hues are "stylish" (in my opinion). I had sort of a hard time doingthe tints and shades though.


I opted not to have blue in the logo since so many of competitors had blue.

I also tried choosing colors from one of the photographs but I wasn't as happy with the result. Although i really like the pink + light green together, I think it turned out a bit too feminine.


In the end, I think I'll choose to go with my first palette for the next project.

Let me know what you think everyone!. I'm trying to learn web design on my own right now and I could use some feedback. Thanks for such a cool class Geri!


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