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Evan Eggers

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Eggers Family Crest

This class was so much fun, and though my skills are still very rudimentary, I learned a lot of great techniques and tricks. 

I also had a lot of fun picking a color scheme and then sticking with it. 

The reason I chose the shape as well as the slogan, "Always on Point" is because both my dad and I are production riggers, which is the guy that hangs the lighting and sound for concerts. In a typical rigging plot, the circle with two black quadrants is the symbol for a 1 Ton Chain hoist which is the most common kind of hoist on most shows. 

My brother raises and trains horses, my sister is a photographer, and I loved NES when I was a kid. It was certainly a part of our family history. 

We're a blended family that started in the 80's so I went with a sort of 80's color scheme as well as one that was earthy and sort of "hoppy", as Eggers is a Germanic name. 

Thanks so much to Skill share and Mr Draplin!


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