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Egg hatches

Once upon a time, when a very shy man turned to wild & decided to be revolutioner to change his routine life, So, he decided to join volunteering at college for the first time EVER. 

He was really impressed with the new environment & in the first meeting an idea set fire to his mind which turned after one year to a national project. 

The project which taught him how to breathe, how to fail, fail and fail then .. a more of failure in fact :D . 

But, it's all of proud. That moment of insanity which made him give up then motivated then give up then successful..

Before all of this, he saw the God image in his soul, he saw the gift that makes his life full of innovation and creation. 

Momemnts of pain, crying , shouting, depression .. they all are your fuel to get your car to its top .. Just don't stop till your breathe first..

Is this a good one ?!! :O 


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