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Egg Carton Label

Hello, everyone!

For my vintage packaging project, I'm going to create an egg carton label. I landed on this idea because my parents' little farm used to produce eggs, and then they sold them in town. While they don't really do this anymore, I can pretend. And if they ever get back into the egg business, they can use my egg carton labels. I give them permission in advance. 

Conference Call

I started my project with a conference call (with myself). I've included the image below, but I'll give you a little recap. It includes the goals, copy and a few little sketches (drawing is on the low end of my abilities). 

  • Goal: Create a cheery, farmy egg label. 
  • Audience: locals.
  • Size: I measured the one in the fridge, and thought a 10-by-2 3/4 label would look nice. I would then glue or have a self-stick label to put on a paper/cardboard carton, not Styrofoam (that just killed the vintage vibe for me).
  • Copy: I want "FARM FRESH EGGS" really big. Then, maybe some of these phrases on the box: "happy chickens laying eggs for happy customers;" "doorstep delivery;" "happy chickens, happy customers;" "from our family to yours;" and "return carton, save a quarter." Additionally, I want to give them a price and number to call to order more. 
  • Images: Wood sign for a phrase. A little drawing of the chicken coop area. I think it would also be fun to add in some chicken wire in the background. Plus, I want to have a date gathered box, so my parents and the customers know the freshness. I am advertising farm fresh eggs after all. 


Mood Board

I gathered a handful of images from across the web and put them on a Pinterest board. As I pinned, I noted why I was pinning it as I added it to the board. That helped me jog my memory when I came back later to see the board. From there, I placed images on one sheet to print. Next, I went through and noted and doodled alongside the images about the different elements I liked. Those include

  • a loopy border. 
  • farm scene.
  • corner elements.
  • decorative lettering.
  • lots of details. 
  • colors.
  • banners.


Mood Board Sketches

Welp, I practiced my drawing abilities, and I have my mood board sketches to share. I pulled out all my favorites that I mentioned before and looked at them more closely. After those sketches, I look forward to working on my own label design.


My Design Sketches

It's that time. I am going to start working on my egg carton label soon. I'll share my pencil drawings when I have them ready!


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