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Texturing no.2


Textured, but now I don't know where to put the text - or should I leave it out?

Digital version


Any thoughts?



Efterklang is an indie rock group from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in December 2000. The band has recorded four studio albums and are currently signed to the 4AD label, as well as their own record label Rumraket. The band consists of the 3 childhood friends Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen & Rasmus Stolberg.

The album I choose to design the cover is called Piramida. It  is their latest album. The story behind is that they went to an abandoned Arctic mining town of Pyramiden on Spitsbergen where they gathers the sound of the place and inspiration for the album.

Reading their interviews and what music means to them and what it means to me I have come to a conclusion that connecting the music to a specific person/place/emotion makes the music even stronger. And that is the direction I would like to take this cover. Striping out details from the album - details from Pyramiden(textures, objects, sights, "sounds"). Linking the cover with  the place and with that trying to show the layers of music.

The music to me is  very hauting/odd/eerie. You can almost feel the place they got their inspiration from  - vast landscape, abandoned buildings full of echos. I will keep in my that this was once a very lively place but its a ruin now and also how life can take you through similar scenarios.

Mood board

Some much for the first step.

A few more thoughts

Trying to achieve layers of music through layers of texture and objects.



Final sketch


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