Efficionado! - efficiency time tracker

Efficionado! - efficiency time tracker - student project

People who are self-employed or have creative jobs need to come up with ways to self-motivate. I sometimes spent long hours at work, and at the end of the day realized that the minority of those hours was actually productive. One way of self-control that works for me is to keep an activity log in Apple Numbers, where I enter the duration and category of each activity I do during a work day as I go. At the end of the day, the spreadsheet displays an 'efficiency ratio' and a breakdown of how much time I spend on desk work, lab work, and procrastination. Aiming for a high efficiency ratio helps me battle procrastination.

However, using Numbers ojn iPhone for this is clunky, e.g. it involves too much tapping on tiny data cells. I will develop a dedicated app, "Efficionado", that will make keeping an activity log seamless and easy, ideally needing only 2 clicks for each new entry. New activities will be automatically timed, entered into a daily list, and displayed as charts. There will also be an option to send daily 'scores' to a friend or coworker to hold each other accountable, a concept that works incredibly well for workout trackers (like Fitocracy or Runkeeper).

Clickable mockup here:


Basically it would go something like this:

  • notification in the morning, jumps to work start time enter screen (with "now" button) (default work phase can be set in the settings (e.g. 9 to 5),  but there can be more than one work phase per day, e.g. a morning shift and a night shift )
  • Then screen with big button to enter new activity or break, with selection wheel of activity categories (customizable). An activity title can be entered here but is optional and defaults to break 1, work 3 etc.
  • when activity or break is entered, timer starts
  • when ended, timer stops and activity type is passed on to table on today's log, and activity entry screen comes up again ('Got more in you?' - new activity enter prompt. 'Need a break?' - new break timer starts
  • When a break is entered a lock screen notification ("get back to work") and alarm beep sounds after a pre-specified period of time
  • day tab shows activities as pie chart
  • history tab shows daily efficiency rating as bar chart