Efficient translator workflow with Excel for multilingual websites JSON MaxChars

Efficient translator workflow with Excel for multilingual websites JSON MaxChars - student project

Let’s say you are preparing Excel translation files for Translators, and the same files shall be used by Web Developers to implement the new languages in your web site.

First I will show you how to make Excel warn Translators if they write a too long word or sentence for a menu item etc. This can also involve Web Designers to specify in the Excel sheet how much space each interface element has. You will also later learn how you easily can get JSON strings from Excel columns to provide Web Developers with an easy tool.

A quick 30 sec video introduction here

In below video I show you how to count the number of characters in an MS Excel cell, and how to highlight the cell if the number of characters exceed the maximum specified.


In the second video I show you how the formula and JSON string will look like:


And in the third video I explain the Excel to JSON formula in detail:



My course outline: http://gabriel.nu/tutorials/My Skillshare Class Outline.docx


  1. Attached I have prepared a ready to use Excel sheet. http://gabriel.nu/tutorials/Start here - Excel translation file for Max Chars and JSON.xlsx
  2. Also attached the final JSON file, and final Excel file. http://gabriel.nu/tutorials/Final - Excel translation file with Max Chars and JSON.xlsx and http://gabriel.nu/tutorials/French-final.json
  3. In the Excel we have 2 separate columns (C+D) for the English and French translations.
  4. Web or App Developers often also want a tag name for the text (column A).
  5. We will also have a short description of how the text is used in the interface, to make it easier for the Translators to understand the context (column B).
  6. In column E we show the current number of characters used for the French translation.
  7. And in column F, UX/UI/Web Designers can set the maximum number of characters allowed.

In the column G, row 4, we will write our formula to convert/(combine) two columns (A+D) into JSON format and copy that formula to all rows below in column G.


Gabriel S
Web Developer & UX Designer