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Effective, Organic Marketing from a Beloved Astrologer

The example that I chose for this project comes from Chani Nicholas, a beloved queer astrologer on the West Coast. Nicholas infuses her love of astrology, philosophy, feminist studies, and social justice into her weekly horosopes, and bi-monthy lunar love posts. What I admire most about this marketing is that it is not solely based on consumerism. Instead, the focus is on education, connection, and compassion. 


In the screen shot above from Nicholas' Support The Work page, the image depicts a handstyle (a form of streetart or graffiti art) by street artist Banksy. The quote in the images reads "The Joy of Not Being Sold Anything". What I appreciate about this opening image and text is the way it establishes Nicholas' values for her audience (and poetenial customers). You will find similar messaginng on the rest of the website which lets the audience and customer know that: 

  1. Nicholas' work is funded by readers 
  2. The space is community-driven, meaning it is an ad-free and collective space 
  3. Any promotional materials that appear in the space will be aligned with this core value
  4. In order to maintian the collective space, readers have the option to contribute monitarily, which puts power and accountability in their hands. 


In addition to supporting Nicholas' work via voluntary contribution, there is also an opportunity to experience more of what she has to offer throgh her Events page. These events are pre-recorded tapings that provide much more in-depth and personalized astrology. I absolutely love how Nicholas markets her services. It allows her to really get to know her audience, and connect with them in a meaningful way. 

The methods that Nicholas has employed to market her work and her brand is, to me, truly innovative. She has created an accessible and safe space for people to gain astrological insight for free, while offering further services at a reaonable price. This marketing stratgey is oraganic, but has clearly been able to reach many people. It is effective and on-brand, without being all about perpetuating consumer and capitalistic gain. On top of that, the color scheme, typography, and layout is inviting, encouraging, a bit mystical, and overall energizing. 

Chani Nicholas offers the compassionate, creative entreprenuer a way to do business that is centered in liberation, connection, and a deep spirit of justice. 


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