Michelle Samuel

Psychology Instructor at Mount St. Mary's College



Educreations for Educators: Converting PowerPoints into narrated online videos using your iPad

I’m a young professor:

I’m always looking for ways to use technology to help my students grasp hard concepts:

I found a method of converting my existing PowerPoint presentations into online videos with real time dialog and annotations using the free iPad application Educreations.

I want to teach this skill to other people who make presentations (teachers, professors, business professionals) on SkillShare. I know that I will have to submit an application and may not be accepted. However, I want to be prepared for recruiting users if my application is accepted. The biggest hurdle I had was this: I didn’t know how to tell potential students about this class.

{Enter The 5 Keys to Acquiring New Users for Free By Vinicius Vacanti}

After taking Vincius’s class I know I can recruit students in the following ways:

Method 1:

Leverage the power of SEO by creating an online site that will direct users and make them excited about the class. I created a Blogger site and linked my existing online sites together.

Method 2:
Capitalize on being new. Let education bloggers know that I can help anyone transfer their existing PowerPoints into videos for screen capture or screen casting.

Method 4:
Make implicit invites by asking students to identify their Educreations video has being part of my course in their video descriptions.

Future steps:

Wish me luck and hope that SkillShare picks up my course!

(Cover photo credit: Johan Larsson, Flickr all other photos are mine)


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