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Education, Technology & Blogging Tips


I work for Edublogs which provides blogs for educators and their students.  Part of my work involves helping educators use technology with their students.  This means I need to know how to use a wide range of technologies and explain to educators how they can use it with their students. 

I became interested in Flipboard Magazine while writing a post on Google Reader replacements for community because:

  1. Increasing numbers of schools globally are using tablets.
  2. Flipboard has more functionality than the other Reader replacements.
  3. Ability to curate articles into magazines is a powerful feature that teachers can use for their professional learning and for their students to be using. 
  4. It's also a more fun way to teach subscribing :)

I joined this class to make sure I understand the key features of creating Flipboard magazines and I was interested to see how the community aspect worked within Skill Share. 

I'm enjoying working on my Flipboard magazine because it fits well with my work flow of sharing helpgul posts to my different social networks from the one handy location. 

You can check out my magazine here!


Sue Waters

Edublogs Support Manager


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